Paweł Porada – born in 1985 in Rzeszów, currently living and creating in

A graduate of the Faculty of Art at the University of Rzeszów, where he obtained a diploma in the painting studio of prof. Stanisław Białogłowicz.

He practices easel painting, drawing and graphics.

The main subject of his paintings are portraits, which are ambiguously combined with various elements.

He draws inspiration from observing people, their behaviors, problems, dreams and everyday life.

In his works, the artist combines strong spots and determined shapes. In painting, He looks for simplicity and harmony and individual values.

His works can be found in private collections in Poland and abroad.


Below you can find some examples of my work. Here, you will find paintings, wall paintings and others. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. You can also click on “Show more” and see all my works.


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